• Experienced and professional team

Our team has years of experience in the field of travel and tourism. We are very professional and near to perfection in our jobs. You can expect an exceptionally professional behavior from us.

  • Local guides – born and grown in the laps of Himalayas

Our guides are the local Nepalese people who were born and grown in the laps of Himalayas. They had climbed, fell down and explored every corners of Himalayas since their childhood, hence they are very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to trekking trails, useful info, walking tips, local rules, regulations and many more.

  • Friendly and enthusiastic

We assure you with the friendly and enthusiastic behavior of our team as a whole. They are very passionate about their job and enjoy their work in and out of the office, in the field. Their satisfaction in work is reflected in their happy and friendly faces. They are jovial, helpful and responsible individuals.

  • Reasonable and competitive prices

When it comes to the prices offered by us, it’s very reasonable in terms of the quality service that we provide. It is competitive and best than that of the prices offered by others in terms of the quality of service that we provide.

Your safety and well-being is our prime concern. We take every necessary safety measures to ensure you a safe journey. You can feel safe in our hands. We put every effort to put you at ease and take care of your safety throughout your journey with us.

  • Multilanguage speaking guide

Our guides are not only an expert in Nepali and English language, they can speak multiple local languages that will help you interact with locals in any places and put you at ease throughout your trekking journey.

  • Customized itinerary

We have some pre – designed itinerary at your service. But you can customize the itinerary as per you need and demand. As per your time constraints, budget and physical stamina, you can customize our standard packages that we have set up on our website.

  • Quality services

The services that we offer are of exceptional quality. From food, hotel, transport to guide and other assistance, you can always expect the best from us.

  • Environmental protection and eco friendly

We are a responsible tour operator. We believe that environment protection is our major responsibility as we work in the field of tourism sector. We encourage ecofriendly methods and environmental protection habits.

  • Available 24/7 as your assistance

We are at your assistance 24/7. You can call us or write to us anytime for any type of query regarding travel, tours and treks.