Tibet Visa

  • How to obtain a Tibet Visa?

You should apply for a Tibet visa prior to travelling to Tibet. Everest Hiking Service Pvt. Ltd arranges for the visa application if you book your travel to Tibet with us. You will also require a travel permit to travel to any places in Tibet. A special permit is required if you want to travel to some restricted places in Tibet.

  • What are the documents that you require for obtaining a Tibet visa?

For obtaining a visa, you will require a valid passport with remaining validity of at least 6 months, a colorful copy of passport, passport sized photographs and visa fees. You will have to submit these documents with the visa application form.

  • What are the entry points to enter into Tibet?
  1. You can enter into Flight to Lhasa
  2. By land – Sino Nepal border
  • What are the visa fees to be paid or obtaining a visa?
Nationality For Normal visa fee For semi-urgent visa fee  

For top urgent visa fee



For American national USD 140 USD 155 USD 175
For other national USD 50 USD 65 USD 85
For Nepalese National USD 2550 USD 3550 USD 4000


*Note – The visa fees, rules, and regulations of Tibet are subject to change as per the change made by the respective authority.

  • What currency is used in Tibet?

The currency of Tibet is Renminbi (Yuan) (CNY). 1 Yuan = 10 jiao. The notes are denominated as RMB 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Paper jiao comes in the denomination of 1, 2 and 5 and coins are denominated in as 1.2 and 5 fen coins.

  • What is another general must know information?
  1. You will need a permit from Tibet Tourism Board to board a plane or train to Tibet.
  2. You must book a guide for your entire trip to Lhasa. If you are willing to travel outside Lhasa, you must pre-arrange private transport.
  3. You will need an additional permit if you are willing to travel outside Lhasa.
  4. A foreigner is not allowed to opt for public transport.
  5. Your tour operator will require at least 14 days arranging for your visa and travel permit, therefore, plan your trip accordingly.
  6. Group visa does not allow you to travel after completion of your trip duration. For travelling to China on your own after the trip, you need to apply for 30 days individual visa.


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