Everest Hiking Service Pvt. Ltd comprises of following hardworking, dedicated, experienced and professional team members.

Mr. Sanjaya Pokharel
Managing Director
He is the founder of Everest Hiking Service Pvt. Ltd. Born in the lap of Himalayas, the mountains and its natural glory always allured him. Following the steps of his passion and enthusiasm, he stepped in the field of travel and tourism. He has successfully launched various travel, tours and treks packages in Nepal. With a decade long experience in the field of tourism, he is now an expert who plans and advice people with travel-related experiences. He now successfully manages Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd and is taking it to the heights of success. The company’s reputation in the market is all his dedication and hard work. The natural beauty of Nepal aspires him to contribute to the field of travel and tourism. He wants to take a travel and tourism business of Nepal to the nest level.
Mr. Rabin Nepal
Administrative Officer
He has been a part of Everest Hiking Service Pvt. Ltd. since its starting phase. He is a backend member of our team who looks after all the administrative works inside the company. He is responsible for managing all day to day activities within the organization. From bank related tasks to permits and other license related tasks, he is ready for his work 24/7. He is the backbone of the company.
Mrs. Rama Pandey
Accounts Officer

She looks after all the finance related works of the company. From managing receipts to payments, She is always up to the mark when it comes to her job. Being a graduate student, she is well adhered and passionate about his job. She is dedicated to the company and loves working with the team of Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs. Sarada Parajuli
Public Relation Officer
Jovial in nature, she has been a part of Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd. since its establishment. She looks after our clients, correspondence with them and provides other assistance 24/7. She is an active member of our company and a front end representative of our company.
Mr. Passang Sherpa
Climbing Guide

He is a licensed Nepalese guide and a professional person. Friendly and responsible in nature, he is well acquainted with the trekking routes, local people and places which make it easy for anyone to travel with him. He is the oldest guide of our company who is very well learned and experienced. He speaks English fluently and is very good at impressing clients with his charming smile.
Mr. Rajendra Pokharel
Trekking Guide
A young and enthusiastic person who is passionate about travelling. He had entered into the field of tourism at a very young age. He was always fond of new places, travelling, trekking and helping other people to visit those places. He always felt proud to take people to new places. He felt happy when he saw dream of people turning into reality. As a result, he is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic guides who takes challenges and escorts people to their determined destinations.
Mr. Bijaya Pokharel
Tour & Trekking Guide
He was born in one of the most beautiful villages of Nepal. The nature, its glory and lushness compelled him to work in the field of tourism. Well experienced and full of knowledge, he helps people to live their life while travelling to their dream destinations. Caring and cheerful in nature, he is very popular amongst our clients. He speaks English fluently and is very easy to travel with.
Mr. Hemraj Limbu
Trekking Guide
He comes from one of the beautiful rural village in Nepal. He stepped in the field of tourism due to his interest in culture, religion and history. He has vast knowledge of Nepalese culture, custom and history. He is the one who escorts people to the heritage sites in Kathmandu for a sightseeing tour. His knowledge about history is incompatible. He will be able to justify all your curiosity and questions related with Nepalese history, Nepalese culture and tradition.
Mr. Hem Kumar Gurung 
Trekking Guide
He is an emerging guide who is working with Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd. as a porter. He co-ordinates with the main trekking guide and escorts people to their dream destination. He is jovial, cheerful and very friendly. He is ready to help in case of necessity anytime, anywhere!
Mr. Sudip Parajuli
Guide Cum Porter
He has been engaged with Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd. since the starting of the company. He is a guide cum porter. He has helped our customers along with the main guide to escort them to their dream destinations. He is dedicated to his job and is caring and responsible in nature.