Bunjee Jumping

The thrill of jumping from a height into a river with rocky terrain besides that narrows down along the river is an ultimate thrill that any adventure lover would seek for! Experience the free fall with an elastic rope tied to you into the Bhotekoshi river of Nepal. It is probably one of the best experiences you will ever have. It’s a way to overcome your fear and a do dare act. The bungee jump location over the Bhotekoshi river is considered to be the best destination around the globe for free fall.

Designed by one of the leading bungee consultants of New Zealand and operated by the experienced masterminds, bungee jumping experience over Bhotekoshi river is full of adventure and immense natural beauty. So, are you ready for this excitement of falling down from a 166-meter-wide suspension bridge into the Bhotekoshi river with Everest Hiking Service?

Everest Region

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13 Days - 12 Nights

Helicopter Tours

Fly over the amazing mountainous terrain of Nepal in an elite way with our helicopter tours. Everest Hiking offers various helicopter packages that take you to different regions of Nepal and lets you admire the mighty mountains from close without exhilarating yourself with tiring walks or other extremities. All you have to do it lay back, fasten your seat belt and put your mind at peace as your ride takes you over the Himalayas.

Generally, Everest Heli Tour, Annapurna Heli Tour, and Langtang Heli Tour and the popular Heli tours offered by us. Everest Heli Tour takes you to the Everest region of Nepal to applaud the glory of Mt. Everest, Gokyo lakes, glaciers, and other neighboring mountains. Annapurna Heli Tour takes you over the Pokhara city to admire the gorgeousness of Annapurna massif. Similarly, Langtang Heli tour takes you to the magnificent Langtang valley and lets you rejoice the glory of Langtang ranges with other neighboring peaks.

Hiking Nepal

Into the warmth of lushness, enjoy your Nepal hiking trips to different vibrant and jovial locations of Nepal. Nepal Hiking trips will leave you astonished as you walk by some pristine lush environment with spectacular views of mountains, hills, and forests on sight. Everest Hiking offers a lot of opportunities for you to get close to this natural fame. You can go to some vantage points around the city to appreciate the wild glory of lush and untouched nature. apart from this, you can also opt for some remote locations of the hike. We have plenty of options for people of different age groups, taste, preferences, and walking stamina. If you would like to go for a hiking journey with us, do not forget to go through our packages of Nepal Hike. It offers a tremendous opportunity of getting close to nature and relishing the ecstasy that lies within!

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Jungle Safari

The dense forests of Nepal are home to thousands of rare floras and faunas found in different topographical and climatic regions around the globe. Owning to diversity in geographical regions that varies from Himalayan, Hilly to Terai belt, the forests of Nepal possess those floras and faunas that are found in extremely cold conditions in Himalayan region to an extreme hot temperature in thick forests of Terai. Jungle safari in Nepal is an adventure act where one can encounter various interesting animals and birds in their own natural habitat. Imagine yourself on a jeep or an elephant and you traverse into the thick dense forests of Chitwan National Park, a sudden encounter with one horned rhino or a tiger or other animals like leopard, deer, monkey, bear, langur, hyena, panda, peacock, peasant, etc. would be an amazing experience. Are you ready for this jungle fun? It is a great opportunity of getting close to wildlife in those dense forests of Nepal. You are likely to have a thrilling experience of being so close to wildlife.

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Nepal Tours

Nepal Tour packages help you to explore the natural glory and cultural richness of Nepal. Nepal is extremely rich in terms of mountains, forests, lush hills, valleys, rivers, and many other natural beauties. Apart from its natural glories, Nepal has a rich history. The art, culture, and architecture that this country preserves is a matter of curiosity and admiration. Being a part of Nepal Tour offered by Everest Hiking lets you rejoice the glories of UNESCO listed heritage sites in Nepal. The palaces, temples, stupas, and monasteries manifested with vibrant art and carvings are a significant attraction. Nepal Tour takes you to some places of historical importance like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changunarayan temple, Pashupatinath temple, Swayambhunath stupa Boudhanath stupa, etc. Besides, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini and other adventure activities can be a part of your Nepal Tour! Select an appropriate package amongst the various Nepal Tour packages offered by us.

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6 Days - 5 Nights
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Nepal Treks

Trekking in Nepal would be the ultimate act that you would want to! Owning to the ranges of the Himalayas and mountainous terrain that this country possesses, Nepal offers a wide range of options for Nepal Trekking. From the trail to the world’s highest mountain Mt. Everest to many other adventurous and challenging trekking routes, Nepal has it all. Whether it be the mightiness of Mt. Everest or the charm of Annapurna massif, you can relish it all. Everest Hiking has designed various appealing Nepal trekking packages to cater to your need for travel and adventure. We have many trekking routes to Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Dolpo, Mustang and other off beaten routes of Nepal. As per your age, physical stamina and required level of challenge, you can select any one of our Nepal trekking packages. All of the trekking packages as fun, adventurous and full of natural glory and mountain views. You will find yourself walking in between the core nature in between the wilderness of mountains.

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13 Days - 12 Nights
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11 Days - 11 Nights
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7 Days - 6 Nights
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19 Days - 18 Nights
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25 Days - 24 Nights
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21 Days - 20 Nights
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Paragliding/ Ultra Light


Come along to enjoy the unique experience of Paragliding in Nepal! It takes you high over the sky and lets you fly over the Fewa lake of Pokhara city like a bird. You can enjoy the astonishing views of snow caped mountains around you with the pristine lake right below you. Isn’t it an amazing experience? Yes, you can be a part of this adventurous experience by paragliding in Pokhara. The paragliding experience starts from the Sarangkot. You will paraglide from the top of Sarangkot with an experienced paragliding coach with you. You can twirl down the Pokhara city over the Fewa lake as you get down slowly and slowly like a freely flying bird. As you set off for this activity, you will be blessed with the magnificent aerial view of Pokhara city along with the snow-clad mountains in the Annapurna region of Nepal. So, are you ready for this paragliding experience in Pokhara? Remember us for this incredible experience!

Ultra-light flight

Ultra-light flight is an awesome flight that allows you to fly over the Pokhara city and admire some wonderful views of mountains, hills, valleys and lakes in the Annapurna region of Nepal. It gives you a bird eye views of Pokhara city as a whole. You can soar into the blue sky like a bird and relish the glory of snowcapped mountains right before you. The lush hills, valleys and serene lake just below you add to the fun of your flying journey. Ultra-light flight is operated from the Pokhara airport. It is easy to take off and easy to operate. You can land the flight anywhere within the fields or dusty roads. It takes you to the height of around 5000 meters and offer some spectacular views of Pokhara city along with Phewa lake and Annapurna massif. Ultra-light flight is open throughout the months from early September to June in a year. It generally takes off with regards to the weather conditions in those days.


Owning to the presence of many rivers that flows over the territory of Nepal, Nepal has a wide potential of white water river rafting. White water rafting is often considered as an adventurous activity that has gained a lot of attention to the adventure lovers lately. Being a land of Himalayas, many rivers crashes down through the foothills of Himalayas and flows making their way into the hills, valleys, and forests. Rafting is an amazing way to experience the thrill of white water along with the magnificence of the lush environment around. Trishuli river rafting is the most accessible and popular river rafting sites in Nepal. Besides, we also have Bhotekoshi river rafting, Kali Gandaki river rafting, Sunkoshi river rafting, Arun river rafting and many other options at your perusal. You can explore the pristine and lush countryside landscape of Nepal as you travel through the highways and raft into the fast-flowing rivers of Nepal.

Village Tours

Unlike other tours and treks, Nepal village tours are designed with an objective of getting some insights on interesting village life of rural Nepal. Nepal has always been an alluring place whether it be for mountains, hills, forests, river, lakes or for people, their culture, religion, tradition or their lifestyle. Nepal village tours take you to some interesting villages of Nepal and let you explore its richness. The people, their culture, custom, lifestyle and the pristine air of rural Nepal are some of the not to be missed aspects of Nepal Village Tours. Nepal village tours can be inspiring! You can see the struggle of people for a living. How they are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry for livelihood, how they are struggling for the basic needs in the place of topographical difficulty, how they use simple and traditional methods for agriculture and livelihood. But within these difficulties, they live a happy life with satisfaction. They have a bright smile on their face within all different situations which is an encouragement for anyone who would opt for Nepal village tours!

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